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Why Teachers and Students Need a Classroom Sound Field System

The foundation of learning is being able to receive instruction and information from the teacher. There are many factors to a good education but hearing ranks as one of the foundations of a great teacher-student relationship. Roughly 45% of a student’s school day is engaging in listening based activities. A classroom Sound Field System makes sure every student, no matter what size the classroom is, can clearly hear the teacher.

Louder Isn’t Better

Some people think classroom audio is simply adding a microphone and amplifying a teacher’s voice. The problem is this often reduces clarity and intelligibility. A Sound Field System focuses on both amplification and clarity. Instead of using a single speaker, Sound Field Systems integrate multiple speakers to distribute sound evenly making it easier for all every student to hear the teacher without blasting the volume. A great classroom audio system should enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Every student should get a front row seat. Good Sound Field design distributes speakers throughout the room ideally within 6-10 feet of each student. This creates a clear Sound Field for every student. The goal is even audio coverage. With so many distractions it is easy for a student to ignore the teacher if they can’t hear them very well. This is why people in the front row typically get more from the lessons. With increasing classroom size, Sound Field Systems solve the classic problem of reaching every student as if they were in the front row.

Technology Shouldn’t Get In the Way of Learning

The goal of a good classroom audio system is to enhance and not become a distraction. This is why we designed wireless microphones for both the teacher and the students. For the teacher, we designed a hands-free microphone that can be worn on a lanyard or clipped on your collar. This frees up the teacher to focus on delivering the best teaching without worrying about a microphone to manage. Students have a microphone which helps them interact with the classroom and the teacher so everyone gets the benefit of their input.

Technology For Your Classroom

Some systems use radio frequency, but this can pass through walls and create issues with shared channels. The best systems use infrared technology which keeps the signal from passing through walls to other classrooms. This allows for hundreds of classrooms to utilize the same technology to deliver crystal clear sound without interference.

Going Beyond Your Sound Field

One of the last things to look for when designing your classroom audio system is integration. You want a system that has a built-in mixer and amplifier that can integrate with all your other media sources such as computers, DVD players, TV tuners, and even Mp3 players. A sound system that integrates with other media sources enhances every valuable moment of learning for students.

What Do Teachers Think

“Of all the money we spent on this building, classroom sound was probably the best money we spent. Some teachers who were very reluctant now love it. I’ve created a monster.” – Thomas Ellis, Principal, Sparks Elementary School, Sparks, Maryland.

“If they had to cut back the budget right now, I would tell them they can take back the document camera and the video projector. They are nice, but I can teach without them. However, they are not taking away my new sound system. This is the first time in 25 years of teaching, that I have not blown out my voice in the first 6 weeks of school.” – Barbara Brown, 4th Grade Teacher, Duarte School District, California

“It keeps up a consistent volume. Some kids have even asked teachers who were not using it to turn it on.” – Karen Cordell, Principal, Dogwood Elementary, Baltimore, Maryland.

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