If school is going to look different,
let’s make it sound better.

After 5+ months away from the classroom environment, going back to school will be drastically different.

school is going to look different
students left the traditional classroom

This spring your students left the traditional classroom environment.

  • They began learning at home with teachers and peers using online tools to carry out lessons.
  • Students were using headsets, or were within 3 ft of the computer speakers.
  • Students and teachers were not wearing masks during these lessons.
  • Teacher’s faces were visible and communication was clear and easier to understand.

Heading back to the classroom may look and sound much different for your students.

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In order for students and staff to return to their classrooms, schools must consider guidelines that protect the health and safety of all occupants. To do this, each learning space must be carefully evaluated to ensure infection control protocols are being met.

K-12 education design guidelines for infection control may include:

social distancing


  • Spreading student seating throughout the classroom
  • Teachers unable to move close to students
Airborne Restrictions and Masks


  • Students wearing masks
  • Faculty wearing masks
  • Increased filtration and air flow (noise)
What new classroom restrictions mean

What do these new requirements mean for the classroom?

For Teachers:

  • Your voice will be muffled
  • Students can’t see your expression or read lips
  • It’s going to be harder to breathe

For Students:

  • Increased distance from teacher
  • Distracted by seeing friends again
  • Teacher is no longer on a screen

What can you do for teachers and students in this new and restricted classroom environment?

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The most effective classroom tool this coming school year will be the teacher’s voice.

Using a microphone to lift the teacher’s voice through a classroom audio system will alleviate the need to project, and will enable them to use their natural voice to reach every student.

Watch this video to learn about the difference a microphone can make.


Speakers to deliver the sound to the students. Multiple ceiling/wall speakers will evenly distribute the sound so the room is filled, eliminating loud spots vs quiet spots that come from single source / PA speakers.

Amplifier with additional audio inputs ensures that not only is the teacher’s voice amplified, but that the video lessons, music, and other audio sources are also amplified.

Pendant Microphone for the Teacher to lift the teacher’s voice above the classroom noise so it’s clearly delivered to every seat in the room.

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To learn more about the benefits of Sound Field systems–like how to achieve up to 15% gains in math and reading (as much as 40% for second language learners)–watch this video.

Explore TeachLogic Systems and how they can improve learning for your teachers and students.

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Don’t let your students and teachers go back to the classroom this fall without being prepared for the changes. Provide them with the best possible chances for learning.

Our students are our future. Ensure they have the tools for success!


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