School looks different,
so let’s make it sound better.

Regardless of whether students are in class or at home, a TeachLogic microphone creates equitable access to the teacher’s voice.

school is going to look different
students left the traditional classroom

The new classroom environment.

  • Using online tools to deliver lessons designed for in-person learning.
  • Students using headsets, or sitting within 3 ft of computer speakers.
  • Teachers are not always visible.

The classroom may look and sound much different for your students.

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Read how TeachLogic helped St. Francis School implement a Hybrid teaching model

K-12 education design guidelines for in-classroom infection control may include:

social distancing


  • Student seating separated throughout the classroom
  • Teachers unable to move close to students
Airborne Restrictions and Masks


  • Students wearing masks
  • Faculty wearing masks and/or face shields
What new classroom restrictions mean

What challenges do these new requirements create?

With a Mask:

  • Muffled voice
  • Can’t read expressions or lips
  • Restricted airflow

With a Face Shield:

  • Creates a sound barrier

With Distancing:

  • Students seated further from teacher
  • Restricted movement for extended periods of time

A teacher microphone can mitigate the unintended challenges associated with implementing needed safety measures.

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The most effective classroom tool this school year is the teacher’s voice.

Using a microphone to lift the teacher’s voice through a classroom audio system will alleviate the need to project, and will enable them to use their natural voice to reach every student even with safety measures in place.

Watch this video to learn about the difference a microphone can make.


Speakers to deliver the sound to the students. Multiple ceiling/wall speakers will evenly distribute the sound so the room is filled, eliminating loud spots vs quiet spots that come from single source / PA speakers.

Amplifier with additional audio inputs ensures that not only is the teacher’s voice amplified, but that the video lessons, music, and other audio sources are also amplified.

Pendant Microphone for the Teacher to lift the teacher’s voice above the classroom noise so it’s clearly delivered to every seat in the room.

class soundfield animation

To learn more about the benefits of Sound Field systems–like how to achieve up to 15% gains in math and reading (greater gains for English language learners)–watch this video.

Explore TeachLogic Systems and how they can improve learning for your teachers and students.

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Students and teachers will face unprecedented challenges this fall. As you prepare, don’t forget a TeachLogic microphone system easily provides the best learning outcomes for in-class instruction while creating equitable access to classroom audio for distance learners.

School might look different this fall, but you can make it can sound better.


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