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Quantum™ II Amplifier Description

The Quantum™ II is a self contained sound system that supports two infrared wireless microphones for plug-and-play instruction. Simply remove it from the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to amplify learning!

Two wireless microphones can be used simultaneously–one for the teacher and one handheld for student participation or co-teaching. It can further expand the multimedia experience with its audio input and audio output ports. This can be connected to a computer, projector, TV, or virtually any audio source. In fact, it can synchronize the classroom audio with video conferencing applications like Zoom. This ensures that all listeners hear the teacher equally through the same microphone.

Its lightweight aluminum body makes it easy and convenient to locate where needed. A mounting bracket is included for wall mount and a mobile display mount applications. It can also be placed on a flat surface, attached to a tripod, or mounted with a display such as a TV or interactive whiteboard.

The Quantum II also features a connection for a second 8 ohm speaker, which doubles your coverage. Plus, its advanced infrared (IR) technology enables the use of multiple Quantum II units in the same room without interference.

Why IR?

Quantum™ II Amplifier Details



  • Suitable for portable indoor use including mobile carts
  • Can be bundled with additional Quantum II units for more room coverage


  • Two infrared wireless microphone receiver channels for simultaneous use of two wireless microphone transmitters
  • Powerful 19 watt, low noise, class D Digital audio amplifier
  • Digital equalization and limiting
  • Efficient full range coaxial speaker
  • Built-in wide angle infrared sensor for reliable 180° IR reception
  • Tone control, ± 6dB to dial in treble & bass
  • Auxiliary line level input for computer, interactive whiteboard or iPod™ (3.5mm)
  • Line output for Lesson Capture or Assistive Listen System connection (3.5mm)
  • External speaker output for companion speaker to expand sound coverage for a total combined power output of 38 watts
  • Two external sensor inputs for supplementary infrared sensors for extended IR coverage
  • Threaded insert for speaker stand mount
  • Wall mount bracket included


Receiver Input

Infrared FM


FM wide-band

Reception Frequencies

Ch. A: 2.08 MHz
Ch. B: 2.54 MHz

Infrared Wavelength

850 nm

Tone Signal

Ch. A: 32.768 kHz


50 μs


89 dB ±3 dB (1 W, 1M)

Frequency Response

50 Hz – 15 kHz, ±3 dB

S/N Ratio

>65 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion

<1 % @ 1 kHz

Nominal Deviation

±10 kHz

Maximum Deviation

±25 kHz

External Sensor Input

Two, RCA

Connectivity Coverage

50 ft line of sight

Aux Input

3.5 mm with gain control

Line Output

3.5 mm with gain control


Tone Control, ±6 dB

Output Power

38 Watts (RMS)

External Speaker Output

19 W / 4 Ω

External Speaker Connection

Two terminal Phoenix connector

Power Supply

19 VDC / 3.4 A / 64.6 W CE, CSA & UL Listed

Dimensions 4.75 × 6.125 × 14 in
Weight 4 lbs 4 oz

Quantum™ II Amplifier Components

Classroom Component Layout

  • Sapphire (IRT-60) wireless pendant transmitter, a high-quality cardiod microphone with lanyard.
  • Quantum™ II Sound Field amplifier/receiver to support classroom audio sources.
  • Companion Speaker to expand the sound coverage and increase total output to 50 watts.
  • IRH-35 Wireless Handheld Microphone. Perfect for student participation or co-teaching.

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Quantum™ II Amplifier Frequently Asked Questions

  • add_circleremove_circle_outlineI need Portable Audio. What is my best option?

    For regular classroom use, many teachers prefer to use the Quantum II for infrared wireless transmission. This system uses the same Sapphire Pendant transmitter that is used with the infrared classroom sound-field systems. This unit will cover up to 1800 square feet and must be used indoors. This amplifier can be wall mounted, installed on a tripod stand or free standing on a shelf or cabinet.