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Every lesson
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Our Mission

Our mission in one word is: Teachers. The teacher is the heart of every classroom. Without their voice clearly heard by all students, learning is lost one lesson at a time. Hearing everything changes everything, for both teachers and students. That’s why TeachLogic creates products that reproduce a teacher’s natural voice, so it is clearly heard by all students regardless of where they sit. These same products amplify all audio sources to create equitable access to instruction.


Our Story

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TeachLogic has been manufacturing sound reinforcement systems for small and medium size listening environments since 1994. We originally specialized in developing wireless FM- based microphone systems for noisy environments where hearing was the difference between a good experience and bad experience.

In 2003, TeachLogic introduced innovative infrared classroom audio systems. Infrared technology allows limitless wireless systems in a common environment as light cannot pass through the walls. Moreover, infrared is capable of high definition sound with no delay in transmission.

Today, TeachLogic continues its mission by developing best-in-class products that directly reinforce the teacher’s voice and all instructional audio sources in the learning environment.

Our Product Philosophy

There is something to be said for staying grounded in a world increasingly dominated by the cloud. We use the most universal connections to maximize compatibility with the myriad of media devices found in both old and new schools. We focus on teacher-friendly design so end users get up and running on day one. We strive for maximum value and long service life.

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Product Solutions


Microphone + amplifier + multiple speakers

IMA 5650_CS 4 Complete system


Add a microphone to an existing sound system

Sapphire front


Plug-and-play powered speaker + microphone

QuantumII lineart

Our Community

More than 1000
schools use TeachLogic products

65,000+ Teachers

Over 200 professional
resellers worldwide

"Raise classroom achievement without raising your voice"


  1. All components reproduce the entire range of human speech and beyond
  2. No latency (delay) in wireless communication
  3. No channel management–any mic works in any room
  4. Universal audio connections that are forward and backward compatible
  5. Universal intercom connections compatible with and validated by major manufacturers


  1. Microphones missing low and high frequencies in range of human speech
  2. Transmission delay is enough to mismatch voice w/ lip movement
  3. Limited channel capacity and need to re-pair mics if they change rooms
  4. Various connectors that have more limited application
  5. Connections designed to lock you into their intercom system and/or lack of compatibility with major manufacturers