About TeachLogic

TeachLogic, LLC is a professional audio company specializing in infrared wireless audio systems for educational environments. Our advanced infrared technology equips your entire room with Sound Field amplification without any interference between rooms. TeachLogic systems are designed for a wide variety of applications; classrooms, training rooms, courtrooms, secure military installations, hotel breakout rooms, conference rooms, small auditoriums etc.

Established in 1994, TeachLogic has provided high-quality sound-field systems for the small presentation environment (areas up to 2,500 sq. feet.). Initially, TeachLogic made its mark equipping customers with superior UHF wireless classroom sound systems. Today, TeachLogic has established a leadership position in the wireless infrared sound field industry.

TeachLogic has established a nationwide network of top integrators to provide immediate customer knowledge, sales, service and support. In addition, with TeachLogic’s dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction, TeachLogic is the ideal choice for your audio needs. All of our systems are ADA, RSS, and RoHS compliant. All of us at TeachLogic are grateful for your interest in our product line. Please feel free to call with any questions at +1-760-631-7800.

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“I’ve enjoyed the classroom sound system. I do feel that the children are more attentive. The second microphone allows the student’s response to be heard by all students. The mic also encourages the students to answer questions more completely. It is a great motivator.”

Paul Neiss – Principal, Greentown Elementary, Canton, OH

“I just received my sound field system not to long ago and I noticed an immediate improvement in my students learning abilities.”

K. Pressburg – Special Education, Highland Elementary, Eunice, LA

“Our class has greatly benefited with the TeachLogic sound-field system. It is a wonderful student tool to encourage beginning reading. Each day, five students read a short story to the class. Each student (even the softest speaking ones) participates with confidence, feeling like a star. “

Judy Levinson – 1st grade, Wood Canyon Elementary Aliso Viejo, CA

“The TeachLogic Quantum Infrared Classroom Soundfield System is easy to use and has required minimal repairs. Classroom teachers prefer the small size and portability of the system by far. “

Donna Fisher Smiley – Ph.D., CCC-A, Educational Audiologist, Conway, AR

” In my eighteen years of teaching I have found using a microphone in the classroom as one of the most helpful tools.  Using a microphone makes collaboration and group work easier to manage.  English Language Learners can hear my instruction more clearly; I have found they follow directions better and turn in higher quality work because they have a clearer understanding of what I’m trying to teach.  I used to get sick at the beginning of every year because of overusing my voice, but that has changed with the microphone.  I can speak normally and students are able to clearly hear. “

Jamie Yorba, AVID Program Coordinator and Teacher, San Marcos, CA