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Yes, that is a real picture of real employees. We are looking for great people to be a part of our rafting team!

The heart of TeachLogic is a cross-functional team of employees dedicated to improving student performance without adding complexity to daily instruction.

Our vision is to make an instructional audio system as common as a TV or projector in every K-12 classroom. We do this by educating school organizations about the proven outcomes and return on investment (ROI) of instructional audio systems.

We provide an authentic work-life balance and understand the value of a family environment at work and home. Join us as we navigate a new future in education.

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Contact us to let is know how you think you’d be a great addition to our team.

If you’re an education specialist, audiologist, or someone with an expertise that can help educate schools about the benefits of instructional audio (even if we’re not currently posting a job), we’d love to hear from you.