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Below you can find helpful resources for your system that some basic information needed to setup and use a TeachLogic system. Should you have any questions or issues, please contact your school’s installer, or contact us for a free training webinar.

User Orientation

Introduction to Classroom Audio - Why you have this

Your TeachLogic audio system maximizes your ability to be heard and understood while eliminating the need to raise and strain your voice.

We're confident that this system will benefit you and your students for years to come!

Setup & Daily Use

Initial Set Up

How to set up your microphone for the optimal level in the classroom.

For printed instructions, see the Quick Start Guide

Sapphire User Guide

Get to know what each button does, what light colors mean, and how to setup.

Wearing the Microphone

How to set up your microphone for the optimal level in the classroom.

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System Information

Click the image below to view/download user documents. For technical documents like spec sheets and manuals, click here.


IMA 240 Formum Front Back 300px


540 frontback 300px


Spectrum 840 Front and Back View 300px


Distance Learning

Classroom Microphones for Distance Learning A TeachLogic Microphone can be used with video conferencing apps for Distance Learning. View Systems

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Additional Resources

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