TeachLogic makes Wireless Microphones and Audio Systems for educators to maximize the intelligibility of subject matter, so all listeners hear equally well. Our systems are engineered for classrooms to create a “Sound Field” layer that distributes the complete range of sound frequencies a human ear needs to comprehend what is said. Sound Field systems have the unique ability to raise student test scores, improve on-task behavior, and preserve teacher voice health.

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What System do you need?


I need to add/replace an audio system to a classroom
I need to add a microphone to the existing audio system
I need help finding the system that best works for my needs

Why Choose TeachLogic?

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Because we’re the true Sound Field brand.

The main point of a classroom Sound Field system is to improve clarity.

What good are microphones and speakers if the sound quality is poor and students can’t understand what’s being said? At that point the classroom isn’t getting Sound Field; they’re getting hot air. And that’s a wasted investment that schools can’t afford.

Our collective job as technology professionals is to provide value to our customers. For us audio professionals, it’s to provide the best sound for the best value. TeachLogic, hands down (or up as far as the students are concerned), provides the best sounding wireless microphones and audio systems for classrooms at a reasonable price point. So when a school needs Sound Field, why risk a bad investment with someone else? Go with the proven performer. Go TeachLogic!

“In my eighteen years of teaching I have found using a microphone in the classroom as one of the most helpful tools.  Using a microphone makes collaboration and group work easier to manage.  English Language Learners can hear my instruction more clearly; I have found they follow directions better and turn in higher quality work because they have a clearer understanding of what I’m trying to teach.  I used to get sick at the beginning of every year because of overusing my voice, but that has changed with the microphone.  I can speak normally and students are able to clearly hear.”

Jamie Yorba, AVID Program Coordinator and Teacher, San Marcos, CA


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