Can a TeachLogic microphone be used with video conferencing apps for Distance Learning?

A TeachLogic sound amplification system creates equitable access to the teacher’s voice.

The same components work for in-class, hybrid, and remote learning plans. When used in conjunction with video conferencing applications like Zoom and Google Meet, the teacher’s voice will sound just a few feet away at all times–even if they’re walking around a classroom.

distance models

For maximum comprehension, connect other media devices to the TeachLogic amplifier/receiver to ensure students hear all audio equally well regardless of where they’re learning from.

students left the traditional classroom

Read the steps below to learn how to set up your classroom for video conferencing and/or recording.

Step 1: Connect an audio cable from the TeachLogic amplifier/receiver output port to the microphone (mic) input on the computer running the video program.

Note that the mic input on most computers is a 3.5 mm port. These are often surrounded by a pink circle, but might be black or silver on newer computers. There should be a microphone or headset symbol designating that this is the mic input port.

  • Maxim III, Spectrum III, and Forum 232: using a 3.5 mm audio cable, connect from either the ALS or Lesson Capture output to the computer mic input.
  • Matrix & Quantum II: using a 3.5 mm audio cable, connect from the “Line Out” port on the amplifier to the computer mic input.
  • VoiceLink I: using an RCA-to-3.5 mm cable, connect from the “Line Out” port on the VoiceLink I to the computer mic input.
lesson recording outputs
Computer mic settings

Step 2: If applicable, connect additional media sources to the “input” ports on the TeachLogic amplifier/receiver. The number of inputs vary based on the model.

Step 3: Go to the computer’s Audio/Sound Settings menu and select the computer’s mic source.  This is often labeled with the name of the sound card manufacturer–“Realtek” in the example below.

Step 4: Launch your video app and broadcast/record a test video.  If the volume is too low or too high, locate the control dial adjacent to the output port you used on the TeachLogic amplifier/receiver. Turn the dial clockwise to increase the volume, counterclockwise to decrease.

If you need additional adjustment, locate the microphone settings on your video recording application.

Step 5: Document your specific settings to ensure a repeatable experience.

For a closer look, watch this how-to video.

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