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3 Ways to Maximize Classroom Learning 2

3 Ways to Maximize Classroom Learning

When teachers and students come together in a classroom something amazing happens… learning. Schools are fundamental in developing the next generation. This is why making the most of the time students and teachers have together is so key. Here are 3 ways you can ensure that time in the classroom produces the maximum learning possible.

1 – Remove Distractions

The enemy of learning is often distraction. Just because students come to class and teachers share their lessons doesn’t mean there is 100% learning going on. Distractions come in many forms and can reduce the learning that could have happened with the time invested.

The first source of distraction can be the environment. Windows, for example, offer the distraction of a passerby, the weather, or schoolyard activity, among other things. Partially closing the blinds or teaching away from the windows can minimize these distractions. Look at your classroom with a fresh set of eyes to see where possible distractions could be and try to solve them. With just a few easy modifications, you will likely see improvement in student performance.

2 – Accommodate Different Learning Styles

Not every student can adequately learn through lectures. Students learn in different ways. Incorporating different learning styles into your lesson plans will enhance each student’s classroom experience. For example, simply moving from desk to desk, all around the classroom, may help keep some students engaged.

The Seven Learning Styles

  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Logical
  • Social
  • Solitary

3 – Reduce Repetition

A lot of time is wasted during the school year repeating things to students who couldn’t or didn’t hear you. This may seem like a minor issue, but every time you have to stop to repeat a point, it creates another point of distraction for everyone who already heard what you said the first time. Unfortunately, in a class full of students, the opportunity to miss information is commonplace. Students may ask for something to be repeated but oftentimes they will simply move forward with partial information, reducing test scores and confidence.

Bottom line: to maximize learning, teachers must keep students engaged in the classroom. Classroom audio systems help teachers achieve this engagement by: focusing student attention on the teacher; allowing for a more interactive teaching style; and reducing the need for repeated instruction. Studies show that classrooms with audio systems (enhanced classrooms) raise test scores. Contact us to learn how you can get a classroom audio system at your school and check out our grant program for underfunded schools. Keep teaching!