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TeachLogic Grant Application

The TeachLogic Grant Program offers underfunded schools a way to acquire a high-quality Sound Field system for one or more of their classrooms.

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Each grant recipient will receive:

  1. One powered amplifier/receiver
  2. One teacher microphone
  3. One student microphone
  4. One set of 2-4 speakers depending on the classroom.

(Products may be new, refurbished, or gently used.)


  • The recipient school must not currently own TeachLogic products.
  • The school must be able to install or arrange for the installation of the system within 30 days of receipt.
  • Grants will not be awarded to more than one grant applicant from the same school district in any one year.

Required documents:

  • This signed Application Form
  • Letter of Administrative support in PDF format
  • Photos of applicant’s classroom in JPG or PNG format

How to apply:

  • Fill out and submit this form.
  • Upon receiving the confirmation email, follow the instructions for submitting the final documents.
  • Once we’ve received all forms, we’ll send you a second email confirming that your completed application has been received.
  • Grant recipients will be contacted within 30-60 days of application depending on the number of applications received.

Apply Now

(Lead/Primary Applicant)

How did you hear about the TeachLogic Grant Program?

Teacher/Student Goals: Briefly describe what problem you hope to solve by installing a sound field system in your classroom.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Lead/Applicant acknowledges that their classroom meets the Eligibility requirements listed above.
  • Lead/Applicant agrees to provide photos of the installation, setup, and if possible, use of the product.
  • Lead/Applicant agrees to provide feedback after 30-60 days of use.
  • This feedback may be shared on or in other marketing materials.