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Integrating Instructional Audio, Assistive Technology, & Life Safety Communications

TeachLogic manufactures classroom audio systems that evenly distributes instructional audio so every student hears equally well.

We also champion open integrations with assistive technologies and life safety systems. Our amplifiers are backwards and forwards compatible with virtually any education technology and life safety system, plus they come out of the box ready to support video conferencing and lesson capture (recording). We play nice with everyone!

When paired with wireless microphones and assistive listening systems, TeachLogic completes the campus communication ecosystem and becomes a teacher’s best instructional aid for lesson comprehension and on-task behavior, while supporting Special Education and Facilities in their needs.

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Just Add Audio

No pairing process or channel management, plus the lightest weight and clearest sound of any teacher microphone.

Just add audio. Connect up to 4 audio input sources like computers, projectors, touch boards, and TVs and control their volume from our amplifiers.

Teachers can be heard even after class is over by recording the day’s lesson material via a simple 3.5 mm connection to our dedicated lesson capture output.

Many ALS/ALD devices have their own teacher microphone. TeachLogic amplifiers have dedicated output so TeachLogic’s microphone supports all students.

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Awaiting Connection

What happens when a page comes into a room when a video is playing? Our systems mute the audio so critical communications are heard.

Did you know that in many states there are building codes that require all audio to mute when a fire alarm is activated? We did, and our amps do.

Many intercom systems have an emergency call button. When integrated with our amplifier, the TeachLogic microphone becomes a remote control button.

Valuable hardware needs to be secure while maintaining control. TeachLogic amplifiers have the needed connection so any myriad of wall controllers can provide remote access to the audio controls.

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Hybrid Learning


TeachLogic amplifiers easily connect to a computer hosting a video conferencing application to synchronize classroom audio for online listeners. Using a TeachLogic wireless microphone allows the teacher to move freely around the room without affecting audio quality for the students.

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