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Fire Alarm Input

When integrated with your school’s Fire Alarm, all signals routing through the TeachLogic amplifier are silenced. It will maintain the silence/mute condition until 10 seconds after the fire alarm relay contact output is closed. This is connected via 5 volt (+/- 1V) signal to the fire alarm relay contact output via a 2-pin Phoenix connector.

The 2-pin orange Phoenix connector labelled “Fire Alarm” provides an emergency mute of the TeachLogic amplifier. When interfaced to the fire alarm panel relay contact output, all audio devices (microphones, dvd, etc.) will turn SILENT. In the event of a fire, this will help to lower the overall decibel levels and help students and staff hear the audible fire alarm tones/ instruction within the classroom. This feature requires a contact closure from the Fire Alarm Panel and the TeachLogic terminal is for a normally open connection. When there is continuity between the terminals (closed condition) muting will occur and will continue until 10-15 seconds after contacts are open.

  • Applicable systems: Maxim™, Spectrum™
  • Dry contact closure
  • Normally open position
  • No voltage required

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