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TeachLogic classroom audio systems mute audio sources when a page is received.

Works with most 25V & 70V intercom systems.

How It Works

Page Mute

When a signal of adequate level (voltage) is sensed on the page mute input terminal, all other audio inputs to the amplifier are muted to allow the building-wide page to be heard. The muting is applied to wireless microphones as well as computer, DVD, and all other line inputs. Adjust the sensitivity control to ensure the amplifier senses the page signal noting that some pages with quiet voices will require greater sensitivity settings. The system will maintain its mute until about 11 seconds after the page signal falls below the threshold for sensing. Thereupon, the wireless mics are unmuted and other audio levels are ramped up gradually to their prior volume (before mute).

• 3 settings
• Sensitivity Control
• 2-pin Phoenix connection
• Our systems have been successfully integrated with major intercom manufacturers like Rauland, Bogen, and CareHawk, to name a few.
• Applicable systems: Maxim™, Spectrum™, Matrix™
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