Sapphire™ Infrared Microphone


For use with all TeachLogic infrared sound systems.

The Sapphire is our flagship microphone designed specifically for educators. Hands free, lightweight, and hardly noticeable when worn on a lanyard or clipped directly to your neckline collar. It transmits wirelessly to an infrared TeachLogic audio receiver, which can be part of a complete TeachLogic classroom audio system (microphone + amplifier/receiver + speakers). Regardless, the Sapphire ensures your students hear equally well.

Performance: The Sapphire’s vocal clarity is unsurpassed. It boasts high level output, reliable connectivity and exceptional definition. With a built-in breath filter, the Sapphire can also function as a pass-around hand mic.

Function: Hold for 1 second to power ON. The “TL” light will glow blue. With a tap on the power button, the mic mutes (blinking blue light) for private conversation—tap again to restore to normal operation. The auxiliary input allows wireless playback of an audio device like a music player. A three-position slide switch provides selection of HIGH, MID or LOW (Normal, -3dB or -6dB) microphone volume level.

Safety: The IRT-60N features Security Alert, holding down the priority button for five seconds activates a security alert through the existing intercom system.

This is a suitable replacement for IRT-55 and IRT-89 infrared microphones.


Sapphire™ Infrared Microphone Description

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Sapphire Daily Use:

Sapphire™ Infrared Microphone Details


  • Elegant design
  • Only 1.4 oz. including battery
  • Long life lithium-ion battery
  • Rechargeable via micro USB or optional BRC-60 charging dock
  • Battery level indicator
  • Back light under power switch
  • Momentary mute button
  • Back light blinks in mute mode
  • Push “On/Off” power
  • Channel A or B selectable
  • 3 level mic volume switch: Normal, - 3 dB, -6 dB (high, mid, low)
  • Auxiliary input (3.5 mm) for audio device or head-worn mic
  • Low profile clip for mounting to lapel or pocket
  • Adjustable lanyard included
  • Security Alert activation (press/hold “Priority” button 4 seconds)
  • Teacher “Priority” control over aux/line inputs (lowers audio volume)
  • Aux mic input controls
  • Priority Switch features only function with Matrix™, Forum™, Maxim™ and Spectrum™ amplifier/receiver


Transmission Carrier


Transmission Frequencies

2.08 MHz & 2.54 MHz

Channel Selections

Field switchable

Transmitting Diodes



850 nm


FM wide-band

Pilotone Frequency

32.768 kHz

Peak Deviation

± 25 kHz

Operating Range

60 ft line of sight

Latency (mic to speakers)

0.87 ms

Battery Used

Lithium-ion (3.7 V / 620 mAh)

Battery Life

8 Hrs/charge

External Power Charger

5 V DC micro USB connector

Transmission Angle

180º conical

User Controls


> On/Off

Press & Hold

> Mute

Momentary press (blinks when muted)

> Addt'l Mic Gain Control

Normal, -3 dB, -6 dB

> Audio Source Vol/Gain

Increase, Decrease

> Channel Select

(A or B) in battery compartment

External Mic/ Aux Input

3.5 mm Line Level; automatically detects line in vs. mic


Microphone Only, Plugin Charger


3.5" H x 1.25" W x 0.75" D

Dimensions 1.25 × .75 × 3.5 in
Weight 1.6 oz

Sapphire™ Infrared Microphone Components

Compatible Components

Sapphire™ Infrared Microphone Downloads

Sapphire™ Infrared Microphone Frequently Asked Questions

  • add_circleremove_circle_outlineWhat do the "TL" light colors mean on my Sapphire microphone?


    “TL” button indicator lights:

    No Light: Power is OFF

    Solid Blue: Power is ON; 50-100% of battery life

    Solid Purple: 25-50% of battery life

    Solid Red when using: 0-25% battery life

    Blinking Blue: Mic is muted

    Solid Red when charging: Charging in progress

    Solid Green when charging: Battery is fully charged

    Blinking Red: Battery needs to be replaced

    Yellow: Mic has entered “test mode”; need to remove battery and reconnect it

  • add_circleremove_circle_outlineHow often should I charge my microphone?


    A microphone that is being used regularly needs to be charged every night. When the microphone will not be used for an extended period of time--such as winter or summer break--then fully charge the battery and disconnect the charger from its power source. Recharge the battery upon your return.