Ovation™ Wireless Pendant Microphone

PN: OM-10

TeachLogic’s Ovation Pendant Microphone (OM-10) is a wireless mic that uses special DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) radio technology to transmit crystal clear audio  throughout your classroom. With its secure connection, sleek design and simple to use features, the OM-10 is perfect for any teacher or presenter. Together with the TeachLogic Ovation amplifier/receiver (the OA-50), you can be sure every student hears you accurately and effortlessly, no matter where they are in the classroom.


Ovation™ Wireless Pendant Microphone Description

  • Tailored microphone capsule design for natural clarity in the frequency range of human speech
  • Cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the teacher while mitigating unwanted noise
  • Updated industrial design with gloss white and black for modern visual presence and easy cleaning
  • Large ON/OFF/MUTE button for easy control of microphone operation
  • Included adjustable lanyard
  • The only teacher mic with a removable, easy-to-clean windscreen to prevent clogging from dust, debris, and makeup
  • Legendary TeachLogic quality design and construction for long-term use performance in learning environments

Ovation™ Wireless Pendant Microphone Details


  • Elegant lightweight design for all-day comfort.
  • Low profile clip for mounting to pocket or supplied lanyard.
  • Controls on mic:
    • Tap to Mute mic, press again to unmute.*
    • Tap to “Talk over” - lowers volume of all inputs at amplifier except classroom mics, allowing user to talk over other audio. Press again to revert to original volumes.*
    • Press and Hold to Issue a “Security Alert” to connected systems.*
    • Adjust volume of all non-mic inputs at amplifier for longer term, until next time amplifier is powered off or goes into standby mode.
    • Slide switch to adjust volume of this mic. Normal, -3dB, -6dB.
    • Any Ovation mic can be paired as MicA or MicB in any room, and easily unpaired and repaired with different Ovation receivers.*
    • Architecture allows either mic or receiver to unpair from the other.* Controls marked with asterisk above have colored LED confirming signal.
  • Battery Charge Indicators: LED indicates normal, low, very low when in use, and charging or fully charged when connected to charging power.
  • Automatically powers off after 1 hour when paired, after 5 minutes when not paired


Wireless Technology

Radio, DECT 6.0

Frequency Band

1.92-1.93 GHz (USA, Canada)

Interference Avoidance

Dynamic Frequency Hopping

Number of Channels

60 talk channels

Antennae System

Diversity, 2 antennae

Max RF power

20 dBm (100 mW)

Operating Range

91m (300’) open space

Frequency Response > Mic

50Hz – 12,720 Hz

Frequency Response > Line In

50Hz – 15,000 Hz


15 ms, fixed


1:1 fixed pairing, auto-reconnect to paired receiver

Audio Input

3.5mm port for line level audio or external electret condenser mic: auto-detection

Audio Distortion

<0.8% THD, calc with 11 harmonics

Mic Bias, External

1.6 Vdc

Battery Chemistry

Lithium polymer

Battery Life

>8 hours

Battery Management

Managed entirely onboard mic

External Power Charger

5 Vdc micro USB connector; or OC-20 charger, cable not supplied. Cable and supply orderable as BRC-16.

Dimensions 1.17 × 0.87 × 3.6 in
Weight 1.4 oz

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