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10 Reasons to Have a Sound System In Your Classroom

Education continues to be one of the single greatest assets to society. As the business world is digitally transforming and adopting new technologies, classrooms should not be left behind. All parts of society are subject to modernization and integration of technology because it is now part of society itself. Here are 10 reasons you should install a classroom sound system.

1 – Increased On-Task Behavior

Sound systems allow all students to be engaged. The net effect of this is fewer classroom distractions which increase on-task behavior. Students get more out of every lesson when the whole class is focused.

2 – Get and Keep Attention

Often times teachers need to shift focus and highlight important aspects of a lesson. Classroom audio systems allow students to follow along better and pick up valuable details.

3 – Fewer Requests for Repetition

Learning is progressive and students will quickly get lost if they miss key pieces of information. The teacher can’t move on while leaving students behind which means the whole class needs to pause for each request for repetition. There is no need to use valuable class time repeating what you already taught. With a classroom sound system, you can focus on delivering more learning to your students.

4 – Reduced Test Taking Time

A good classroom audio sound system can help reduce test-taking time. The system can be used to play background audio that helps focus and reduces distraction during tests. When taking a test in silence every sound can become a distraction and those can increase the time needed to constantly refocus.

5 – Improved Spelling Scores

Better clarity of sound improves language comprehension and spelling scores. The clearer we hear, the better we understand especially when it comes to sounding out words.

6 – Enhanced Sentence Recognition

Learning English and other languages require hearing the nuance and cadence of the language. Sentence structure and emphasis delivers a lot of information on intent and emotion. Creativity and writing can be vastly improved when every student can clearly follow along.

7 – Higher Test Scores

The net result of less distraction and more learning is that student will raise their test scores across the board. There has been a lot of studies that verify classes with audio sound systems have students that score higher on tests.

8 – Ease of Listening

Part of reducing distraction is making it easy to hear. If a student in the back of the room has a hard time hearing the teacher, nearby distractions become easier to focus on. Straining to hear the teacher also becomes its own distraction from focusing on the information delivered. When you can listen easier, you can think deeper about the information you are hearing. This increases memory and comprehension.

9 – Less Voice Strain and Fatigue

Teachers are very susceptible to health-related problems from voice strain. After a long day of talking, fatigue can set in and reduce the effectiveness of teachers by the end of the day and over time. Voice-related issues also increase the number of missed days for teachers which can be difficult for students and teachers.

10 – Increased Mobility for Teachers

When crisp audio is delivered to every student by installing a Sound Field-based classroom audio system, teachers can engage more students and remain mobile to move throughout the classroom without a loss in sound quality. This includes simply turning toward the board facing away from the students without losing any sound volume and clarity.

These are just some of the many benefits a Teachlogic classroom sound system can deliver for you and your students. In an environment that is all about learning, isn’t time to give your students and teachers the best possible tools to make the most of the precious learning time they have? Learn more about our sound systems and products here.