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TeachLogic and Telecor Team Up To Improve School Safety Communications

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Product Integration and Compatibility in
Communications Systems is Key for Life Safety in the Classroom

With the huge selection of advanced devices available for use in classrooms, it is still surprising that many fundamental systems aren’t integrated in a way that retains the benefits if each system. In the case of communications, it is very important that campus-wide systems designed to send life safety communications to and from classrooms are integrated with the classroom audio system.

A closer look reveals major problems: many manufacturers’ all-in-one solutions result in products that are lower quality with less functionality, and prevent the user from choosing the best product in each category. This may not be a big deal from just a technical side, but when life-saving communications are being delivered, you can’t have a system that fails.

That is why we are proud of the partnership between TeachLogic® and Telecor™. For over 25 years, TeachLogic has designed specialized sound field systems for educators with products installed in over 50,000 classrooms worldwide. Similarly, for over 40 years, Telecor has been a global leader in developing high-quality innovative communications products like intercom and paging systems.

We want to ensure that schools get the best outcomes from both in-classroom and campus-wide communications. Manufacturers have partnered to conduct comprehensive lab testing and extensive studies. We have found through this testing that Telecor’s unique products integrate easily with those of TeachLogic and vice versa.

Cody Sutherland, President of TeachLogic says, “Partnering with Telecor allows us to focus our quality and integration efforts on classroom audio itself rather than risk sacrificing the functionality and quality that inevitably occurs when attempting to be an all-in-one manufacturer.”

Here is a summary of benefits of the Telecor—TeachLogic combination:

  • Schools will maintain all life safety requirements as set forth by NEMA SB40.
  • Bi-directional communications between the classroom and the office is effortless.
  • Intercom calls, pages, and other class change tone signals will automatically mute TeachLogic Sound Field speakers ensuring that critical announcements can be heard by both teachers and students.
  • Teachers can initiate a call to the office without having to walk to a call button by using the TeachLogic Sapphire wireless pendant microphone.
  • Emergency calls can initiate alerts to mobile devices via SMS text messages and email notifications, providing an enhanced level of security and increased confidence in the classroom.

Peter Jova, President of Telecor, “In working with TeachLogic, we quickly realized how each manufacturer is able to focus on providing the maximum value from their core capabilities and respective systems, while adhering to the official standards of Communications Systems for Life Safety in Schools. This provides the overall greatest value and level of customer satisfaction.”

Both companies are focused on the goal of school-wide safety which is at the center of the partnership. Both companies give schools the flexibility of finding the right campus and classroom communication systems along with seamless and functional integration and the potential for increased savings of time and money. The TeachLogic–Telecor partnership means uncompromising quality. Read the official press release here.

About Telecor:
Since its inception over 40 years ago, Telecor has pioneered unique and quality solutions in school communication systems. When the early 80’s brought about the evolution of microprocessors in communication systems, Telecor was the first to develop a communication product for educational facilities integrating Intercom, Audio Distribution, Multi-Zone Paging, and a Master Clock System on a single platform. Over the next 3 decades Telecor’s tradition of leadership and innovation in voice communications continued with the introduction of browser-based programming, intuitive GUI based operations, and recently, our network-based intercom system utilizing a facility’s LAN. Today we offer a wide range of communication solutions for educational facilities including District-Wide Emergency Alerts, Paging, Intercom, Message Displays, Email Notifications, Synchronous Clocks, and much more. For more information, please visit or call 905 564-0801.

About TeachLogic:
For over 25 years, TeachLogic has designed and developed specialized Sound Field systems for use by educators. The company’s innovative products have been installed in more than 60,000 classrooms worldwide and these best-in-class audio systems are well known for their long-term reliability. When paired with wireless microphones and assistive listening systems, TeachLogic becomes a teacher’s best instructional aid for lesson comprehension and on-task behavior. These premier audio systems also support the integrations needed to ensure that all school communications are heard, including pages, fire alarms, and security alerts. For more information about TeachLogic, please visit or call 760-631-7800.