Matrix™ Receiver Amplifier

PN: IMA-120

Amplifier | Infrared Microphone Receiver | Audio Mixer | Wall Panel Controller

The Matrix™ is ideal for plenum applications of the Sound Field amplifier/receiver. With a simple CAT5 cable, the TeachLogic CPS-120 (or CPR-125) wall mount controller manages audio sources connected to the amplifier.

The controller has an intuitive touch interface with the additional benefit of Bluetooth® pairing of an extra audio device (such as a amartphone). And with two infrared wireless microphone channels, the Matrix™ is sure to be the low profile, high feature Sound Field solution you’ve been looking for.






Matrix™ Receiver Amplifier Details


  • 2 infrared wireless microphone receivers with volume control
  • 2 stereo, line level, or aux inputs (3.5 mm)
  • 1 dual mono line level output for Assistive Listening System with gain control (3.5 mm)
  • 2 Power Amplifiers: Total 50 W RMS (Class D amplifier, 25 W ea channel)
  • Security Alert, contact closure, N/O, N/C
  • Page override (muting) with Page Pass-through to classroom speakers | Input level 100 V, 70 V, 25 V
  • RS-232 wall panel control, RJ-45
  • RS-232 on/off switch
  • Teacher Priority instantly attenuates all line inputs
  • Bass/Treble control equalizer ±12 dB
  • 2 external microphone sensor inputs, single RCA


Weight 1.3125 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 7.5 × 1.5 in
Receiver Input

Infrared FM


FM wide-band

Reception Frequencies

Ch. A: 2.08 MHz
Ch. B: 2.54 MHz

Infrared Wavelength

850 nm

Tone Signal

Ch. A: 32.768 kHz


50 μs

Frequency Response

40 hz – 18 kHz, ± 3 dB

S/N Ratio

›65 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion

‹1 % @ 1 kHz

Nominal Deviation

±10 kHz

Maximum Deviation

±25 kHz

External Sensor Input

2, RCA

Connectivity Coverage

1,600 sq ft

Line Inputs

2 : 3.5 mm line level aux with +10 dB gain control

Line Output

3.5 mm line level output with gain control

Page Over-Ride

2-pin Phoenix; 3 settings: 100 V, 70 V, 25 V


Level control

Security Alert

Contact closure (COM, N/O, N/C)


Bass/Treble control, ±12 dB

Output Power

2 digital amplifiers @ 25 W, 50 W total (RMS)

Output Impedance

4 Ω min/channel4-pin Phoenix connector

Power Supply

19 V DC, 3.4 A; CE,CSA and UL Listed

Matrix™ Receiver Amplifier Components

Classroom Component Layout

  • Sapphire (IRT-60) wireless pendant transmitter, a high-quality cardiod microphone with lanyard.
  • ICS-55 Ceiling Sensor gives 360-degree infrared coverage for optimal audio performance.
  • Matrix™ Sound Field amplifier/receiver to support classroom audio sources.
  • SP-628 Ceiling Speakers (four shown) provide excellent quality voice reproduction.
  • SP-2000 Wall Mount Speakers (optional), allow for installation when ceiling is not accessible.
  • CPS-120 Wall Mount Control Panel with Bluetooth.

Matrix™ Receiver Amplifier Downloads

Matrix™ Receiver Amplifier Frequently Asked Questions

  • add_circleremove_circle_outlineIMA-120 Matrix Amplifier Critical Firmware Update

    The updated firmware (ver 2.4.x) adds a feature to put the IMA-120 amplifier in a low power Standby mode when not in use.  This helps ensure long product life and reduce power consumption. 

    After three hours of no audio activity on amplifier inputs (wireless mics and auxiliary audio inputs), the amplifier will go into low-power Standby mode.

    It can also be manually placed in Standby with two short presses of the power button.


    • AMBER: Standby
    • BLUE: Power ON
    • RED: Power OFF
    • The TeachLogic CPS-120/CPR-125 control panel is also darkened during Standby mode.


    An audio signal from either wireless microphone or Aux1 or Aux2 inputs will cause the amplifier to go from Standby to ON mode.  So the simplest action for an end user is to power on a microphone, and speak into it.  It takes a few seconds to power up the amplifier section and amplify inputs.

    This is a critical update because without it, the amplifier may fail prior to its designed lifespan.



    • USB to mini-USB cable (TeachLogic p/n RC-15, also used as charger cable for Sapphire microphone and BRC-60 drop in battery charger)
    • MSP430 Python Firmware Upgrader software; installed on your PC. Click on the words DOWNLOAD below: DOWNLOAD unzip, extract and save folder of files to your PC.
    • New firmware file for IMA-120. Choose your file based on whether you want the amplifier to mute only, or pass through the page to the classroom speakers:
      • 2.4.1 has Page Muting, but no Page Pass Through.  The paging audio is not played on speakers, but all audio is muted when page signal is present. DOWNLOAD
      • 2.4.2 has “Page Pass Through” and "Page Mute" meaning that audio signal on Page input terminal is played over speakers when amplifier is powered on.  Other audio inputs are muted and not played on speakers. DOWNLOAD


    • Discharge all static electricity from yourself and anything else that may touch the amplifier or cables.
    • Modify only one amplifier and ensure the results are as desired before modifying more amplifiers.
    • If steps are not followed correctly, you could damage your product.

    Install the Python Firmware Upgrader software

    1. Save the entire folder of files titled MSP430 Python_Firmware_Upgrader. 
    2. To run Upgrader, double click on Python_Firmware_UpgraderGUI.exe.  Know the file location on your PC of new firmware files that you will install. When the GUI is running, you should see the following window.
    3. The Upgrader will ask you to set the device (TeachLogic IMA-120) into bootstrap load mode (BSL) before selecting the firmware file. 

    Step 1

    1. Connect only one end of USB cable, either to PC or to non-powered IMA-120 amp.  Note: IMA-120 shall not be connected to its power supply during this upload procedure.
    2. To set in BSL, depress the white switch located behind small hole to right of IMA-120 mini-USB “Upgrade” port. 
    3. With switch (GENTLY) depressed, plug other end of USB cable into PC or amp. Do not release switch. 

    IMA 120 upgrade port 002

    1. Use File command on Upgrader and select Rescan HID Bus.  (The easiest way to do this on keyboard is Alt-F, Alt-R.  You might need a second person if this is difficult alone.)

    Step 2

    1. Then you will get ready …. and then the white switch may be released.  See below.

    Step 3

    1. Use File menu, then Open User Firmware; browse to firmware file.  
    2. Select the intended file (e.g.:  IMA-120_REV2.4.1(sleep mode 3H)_20201019.txt)
    3. After a few seconds of uploading new firmware to IMA-120, the Uploader will give a final message of Programming: OK      This indicates the process succeeded.

    Step 4

    If you encounter any issues, you will need to repeat this process taking care to follow each step exactly.