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Architectural Specs

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TeachLogic manufactures premiere digital Sound Field Systems for use in the classroom.

They support not only the features that every classroom needs to control multimedia audio, but also the integrations that ensure all school communications are heard: pages, fire alarm, and security alert.

When paired with wireless microphones and assistive listening systems, TeachLogic becomes a teacher’s best instructional aid for lesson comprehension and on-task behavior.

The Integrated Classroom Made Easy

Ensure school-wide communications are heard in every classroom.

Safety first. Make sure emergency alerts aren’t drowned out by a loud video or music.

Add a Security Alert feature to each classroom without adding a new security system.

Every student needs to hear equally well. Reach those in need with a simple audio connection.

Keep the hardware secure while maintaining control.

Just Add Audio

No pairing process or channel management, plus the lightest weight and clearest sound of any teacher microphone.

Just add audio. Connect up to 4 audio input sources like computers, projectors, touch boards, and TVs and control their volume from our amplifiers.

Teachers can be heard even after class is over by recording the day’s lesson material via a simple 3.5 mm connection to our dedicated lesson capture output.

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