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TeachLogic & CareHawk Making Perfect Harmony

The classroom technology market has seen amazing advances with the integration of several key functions that not only maximize learning but also bring the potential of increased safety and security to the modern educational facility.

Intercom and paging systems represent the original audio requirement in the classroom. Amplification of media and wireless microphones for educators have been more recent additions to the technology package.

CareHawk & Dukane have long been leaders in providing paging systems. Likewise, TeachLogic has been providing classroom audio systems featuring wireless microphones for over 25 years.

The role of today’s educational technology integrator is to offer a selection of products from wellproven manufacturers that have specialized areas of expertise. While some competitive companies try to deliver all-in-one solutions for paging and sound field applications, TeachLogic and CareHawk/Dukane have chosen to sharpen their individual skills. But most importantly, these two companies have found that their technologies integrate very well together.

For example, CareHawk/Dukane and TeachLogic have joined forces in over 1000 classroom projects in the US to provide:

  1. Trouble-free page muting of TeachLogic audio systems (mics and line inputs, for example) with the incoming signal from a CareHawk/Dukane paging system;
  2. Excellent transfer of audio quality from CareHawk/Dukane through TeachLogic amplifiers;
  3. Easy and inexpensive installation and connection between both systems; and
  4. Seamless and simple triggering of classroom security alerts sent wirelessly from TeachLogic’s pendant mic to the associated amplifier’s contact closure, connecting to the CareHawk paging system in the front office and instantly showing the location of the event.

Tom Kaufhold with US Communications and Electric, Inc. of Garfield Heights, OH regarding his experience:

All in all, I feel like our newest install at the new Cuyahoga County, OH MS/HS project was super successful. We installed all 117 of the TeachLogic Maxim III amps we bought, and we integrated them successfully into the CareHawk paging system. It seems to be flawless overall in how the classroom sounds and mutes for a page, and the duress button calls into the main office when pressed and held to alert the office if some emergency situation is to occur.