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Staying Connected to Students While Social Distancing 2

Staying Connected to Students While Social Distancing

As we all look to changes that have happened in our daily lives, we have to consider the unintended consequences as well. Social distancing guidelines are changing the way society works, learns, and interacts. Education is one of these places that will be changing and more importantly we want to think about how this will change the learning experience.

The Foundations of Connection

“A good teacher creates an environment that allows the student to succeed.” -Bill Parcells

One of the greatest relationships involved in learning is the connection between the teacher and the student. At the foundation of this relationship is communication. Teachers share their lessons, offer support, and direct students through verbal communication and the use of mixed media. The common thread here is audio communication.

As society implements social distancing in schools we don’t want to lose the valuable connection we have with students that is so vital to a good learning environment. The CDC guidelines for reopening schools include recommendations for teachers to wear masks. This could greatly increase the problem traditional classrooms already have with hearing teachers that often don’t have audio sound systems. TeachLogic has been solving this problem long before Covid-19 and now the need for sound field technology in the classroom is multiplied. If classrooms don’t find ways to stay connected with students, test scores, and learning will suffer.

Eliminating the Downside of Social Distancing

When functional or environmental changes create negatives, we must counteract them with solutions. Social distancing will bring changes to the physical classroom and that will necessitate a change in teaching. Social distancing can itself become a distraction. As classrooms spread out to fill more of the classroom it means teachers will be further from students. A sound field system is designed to distribute natural clear sound throughout the entire classroom. This will actually allow students to be more spread out without sacrificing a clear connection to the teacher.

Increased changes, dividers, spacing, and even masks all act as barriers between teachers and students. Classroom audio systems minimize the barriers of the information being delivered giving every student the ability to stay connected while being apart. There will be many changes in the way schools will operate and it is important to think through the negative impacts and counteract them with smart solutions. This way learning can continue through this change and others that may come along.

Creating a Connected Classroom

What is lost to social distancing should be proactively gained by intelligent planning. As we integrate distancing in our learning environments we should seek new ways for students to interact without eliminating social distancing. We don’t know how long these changes will be needed or if new issues will arise, but the best is the plan for the worst and eliminate negative consequences.

The foundation of a connected classroom is audio. This affects all teaching, interactions, and learning. Many schools may have thought having a classroom audio system was a luxury, but studies prove that it is one of the single most important systems to upgrade in a classroom. Now more than ever proper classroom audio system is vital for schools to thrive in the new normal. Learn more about classroom sound field and make sure a classroom audio system is included in your school budget this year.