Ovation Charger Stand

PN: OC-20

Drop-in charger for Ovation wireless microphones. USB-powered charger provides precise fit for Ovation Handheld and
up to two Ovation Pendant microphones. Built in timer works to optimize battery life during long unattended breaks, for
weeks or months.


Ovation Charger Stand Details


Attractive glossy white housing. Base has four super magnets for secure mounting on ferrous metal surface (including OA-50 amplifier); supplied with four rubber pads for use non-metallic surfaces. Provides 5 Vdc charging to Ovation microphones with proper charge connectors in bottom of each of the three wells. Precise fit of wells to microphones makes mating the charge connectors trouble-free. Each charge connector provides power to each microphone on a timed circuit, turning off and on in microprocessor-controlled schedule. The synchrony of this timing and the charge management and auto shut off routines on-board the microphones are optimized to:
  • Ensure long term battery health, minimizing the number of charge cycles and keeping batteries charged appropriately during multi-day to multi-month breaks, and
  • Provide user with instantly-on microphone each weekday except for Mondays; on this day, user should power the mic on with tap to microphone power switch.


Power Cable Supplied

2m (6’) USB-A to micro-USB

Dimensions 6.29 × 3.64 × 3.64 in
Weight 6 oz

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