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Can I use 1 system for 2 rooms, but turn off the speakers in the second room when they don’t need to be used?

Sometimes a single system is used to support two rooms. However, at times it may be desirable that the speakers in the second room are switched off so the sound does not play in that room. The best way to accomplish this would be with a 3rd party speaker switch such as the one seen here. It is wired inline between the TeachLogic amplifier and the speakers.

  1. Plan for the switch location, and measure the length of wire needed to ensure this device is within reach of the user.
  2. Connect the TeachLogic amplifier speaker channel that you wish to turn off to the “amp input” connection on this device.
  3. Then connect the speakers you wish to control to the “speaker output” connections on this device.
  4. Test.