Ovation™ Microphone Pairing Control Panel

PN: OP-10

Single gang wall-mounted remote power and pairing switch for the Ovation™ audio system.


Ovation™ Microphone Pairing Control Panel Details


  • Elegant simple design for intuitive use.
  • Fits any standard Decora™ switch cover plate enabling inexpensive matching to other switch plates in room.
  • RJ-45 jack has open side downwards to avoid its catching debris.
  • If an OA-50 needs to be placed in an area or compartment that is not easily accessed by the user, an OP-10 Wall Mount Control Panel can be used to allow limited remote control including pairing and un-pairing microphones from an OA-50, turning an OA-50 On and Off, putting the OA-50 into or out of Standby Mode, and radio-resetting the OA-50.
    • Pressing an OP-10 pair button has the same effect as pressing a pair button on the OA-50.
    • Pressing the power button on the OP-10 has the same effect as pressing the logo button on the OA-50.
    • Lights on the OP-10 indicate pairing and connection status by duplicating certain illuminations of the front panel pairing indicators on the OA-50.
    • The indicator light next to the OP-10 power button mimics that on the OA-50 logo button showing solid blue (On), intermittent softly blinking blue (Standby), and no light (Off). Standby blink designed to be not distracting.
    • During radio-reset, all three LED indicator lights will blink three times.


Compatible With

OA-50 Ovation™ Amplifier/Receiver/Mixer

Cable Connectors

RJ-45, both ends; customer-supplied

Maximum Distance

23m (75’), CAT5 or CAT6 cable

Power Requirements



Single-gang box, or shared box. Standard electrical box, mud-ring, or low voltage ring.

Cover Plate for Trim

Any Leviton Decora™ switch cover plate.

Hardware Supplied

#6-32 screws to secure to electric box.

Dimensions 4.13 × 1.07 × 1.31 in
Weight 1.12 oz

Ovation™ Microphone Pairing Control Panel Downloads