AirLink Audio Transmitter

PN: IRT-66

Enables mobile or stationary AV equipment like a TV to be wirelessly connected to the in-room TeachLogic audio system. Position your display anywhere in the room. No need to run wires to the audio system.


AirLink Audio Transmitter Details


  • 3.5mm input port for mobile display’s audio signal
  • Powered by the USB power port on the display
  • No battery required
  • Turns on/off automatically when display power is switched on/off
  • Shipped on mic channel B to avoid interference with teacher mic (Sapphire is shipped on channel A)
  • Mute button is operable to avoid interference for times when a second mic on channel B is in use


Transmission Frequencies

2.54 MHz & 2.08 MHz

Channel Selection

Field Switchable

Transmitting Diodes



850 nm


FM Wide-Band

Frequency Response

100 Hz – 10 KHz

Pilotone Frequency

32.768 KHz

Peak Deviation

± 25 KHz

Dynamic Range

95.5 dB @ 2.8% THD

Operating Range

60 Ft. line of sight

Latency (mic to speakers)

0.87 ms

Power Supply

5V DC via Micro USB Connector

Transmission Angle

180° Conical

External Mic/Aux Input

3.5mm Line Level

Dimensions 1.25 × .75 × 3.5 in
Weight 1.6 oz

AirLink Audio Transmitter Downloads