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The TeachLogic Difference

Unlike any other tool in the classroom, a microphone directly reinforces the teacher so they can reach every student equally, regardless of whether the student is in class or online.


gains in Math and Reading.


increase in on-task behavior.


gains in comprehension for ELL students.


It is also one of the most inclusive and least disruptive solutions to learning loss because it directly helps overcome hearing loss. No other single intervention is so impactful for an entire classroom.

Even if the technology decision isn’t yours, your peers might be interested to know that audio is the most impactful technology.

The TeachLogic Difference


Performance increases as they comprehend more, especially English Language Learners


Children are more engaged, less disruptive, and getting better grades


The same system amplifies audio sources, synchronizes that audio for hybrid learning, and the teachers only need to use the microphone

Special Education

One distributed audio system per room can support multiple IEP and 504 categories, and allows students to sit anywhere


Life safety requirements for paging and intercom systems are maintained


Teachers are healthier and happier, and students are performing better


ROI from investments in curriculum and technology are amplified

We understand that hearing might be believing.

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