Classroom Audio Systems

/Classroom Audio Systems
  • The perfect Sound Field system for classrooms that need wireless microphones and classroom audio controls for 2-3 multimedia sources, plus RS-232 wall panel integration for added convenience and Teacher Security Alert for safety.
  • The Matrix is the answer to the need for a low cost, plenum application, high performance sound-field system that allows for remote adjustment of inputs via RS-232 wall panel controller.
  • The Maxim III is our premiere Digital hybrid sound-field system for use in the classroom. The four auxiliary inputs provide multimedia integration with even distribution of sound for all audio in the classroom. RS-232 wall panel control of the line inputs, Fire alarm mute connection (AC or DC), remote Teacher Security Alert, teacher priority with instant attenuation of the line levels via Sapphire IRT-60 pendant and Digital Feedback Guard (DFG) and switchable computer anti-hum circuit on computer input. The Maxim III also features an output for recording the day’s lesson capture.
  • The Quantum II is a completely self-contained infrared wireless microphone sound system for portable use or permanent installation. Two wireless microphones can be used simultaneously, one for the teacher and a handheld for student participation.
  • The Spectrum III is the optimum sound-field system with 100 watts of power for large rooms or rooms with high ambient sounds levels. Create a good intelligible learning environment over a large area with up to eight ceiling or wall speakers.
  • The VoiceLink I system will expand your multi-media sound system to include voice reinforcement via an infrared wireless microphone. The VoiceLink I is a preamp-only receiver and is designed to be plugged into an existing power amplifier or the input of a multi-media sound system. With a VoiceLink I infrared wireless microphone system, the teacher’s voice will be clearly heard throughout the room with ease. And the auxiliary input on the front panel allows the input of an iPod™, computer, or DVD to supplement the instructional program.
  • The VoiceLink III system is a two-channel infrared wireless microphone system that can be an addition to any existing sound system whether in a classroom, conference room, banquet room, or district courtroom.
  • The VoiceLink Plus sound system is an essential complement to the interactive whiteboard system: Whiteboard for visual, VoiceLink to reinforce the instructor’s voice and amplify media sources. The system features a single-channel wireless microphone receiver with a 20 watt amplifier to power two or four speakers.