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Find out if your school is providing an optimal listening environment for students.

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According to the NIH, starting before high school, 1 in every 8 people lose some hearing in both ears. How many students are in a typical classroom at your school?


Have you seen an increase in disciplinary referrals? Have students seemed inattentive, bored, or distracted?


How many students do teachers refer for ADHD testing? Are other behavioral or learning issues common?


Are teachers requesting help due to unruly students? Are they implementing interventions like moving kids to the front of the classroom?


Do your teachers use microphones?


How are students performing on standardized tests?


Are your classrooms heated or air-conditioned? Are there open windows facing roads or playgrounds?


Is your school in a noisy area, near a busy road, or by a fire station?


Are the hallways noisy? Are classrooms located near gyms, playgrounds, parking lots, or auditoriums?


How big are your classrooms?


Are there physical barriers to sound in any classrooms, such as computers, screens, or pillars?


Do you experience difficulty communicating through a mask or physical barriers?


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About Us

Our mission in one word: Teachers.

The teacher is the heart of every classroom.

Without their voice clearly heard by all students, learning is lost one lesson at a time.

Hearing everything changes everything, for both teachers and students. That’s why TeachLogic creates products that reproduce a teacher’s natural voice, so it is clearly heard by all students regardless of where they sit.

These same products amplify all audio sources to create equitable access to instruction.

Why TeachLogic

Not all classroom audio companies are the same.

TeachLogic’s reputation is to listen to our customers and respond to their needs to the best of our abilities.

To design and manufacture innovation, quality, and products at fair and reasonable prices.

To operate our business with integrity towards our customers and our employees.

TeachLogic has established a nationwide network of top integrators to provide immediate customer product knowledge, sales, service, and support.

In addition, with TeachLogic’s dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction, TeachLogic is the ideal choice for your audio needs.

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Book a 15-minute no-obligation needs assessment to find the right audio solution for your class!