SP-628L Lay-In Ceiling Speaker

//SP-628L Lay-In Ceiling Speaker

SP-628L Lay-In Ceiling Speaker

SP-628L is a 6.5″ two-way full range compact coaxial ceiling speaker, providing low distortion and a smooth natural frequency response ideal for articulate vocal clarity. The SP-628L is a complete loudspeaker assembly, with 12″ frame, perforated steel grill, and integrated steel back can and attached “T” bar for finish edge. Quick installation with minimal tile cutting.

Intended use:

  • Indoor environment, mounted parallel to floor plane in a 24″ wide suspended ceiling tile grid.


  • 30 watts continuous


  • 8 ohm


  • White powder-coated
  • Speaker wire included with package: West Penn Wire, 100 ft, Plenum-rated, 18 gauge, 2-conductor.


  • The TeachLogic LS-2 Lay-in Ceiling Speaker Package consists of two SP-628L Lay-in ceiling speakers.


  • The TeachLogic LS-4 Ceiling Speaker Package consists of four SP-628L Lay-in ceiling speakers.