Forum 232

Forum 232

The same as our Forum system with additional features include: RS-232 wall panel control of the line inputs remote Teacher Security Alert, teacher priority with instant attenuation of the line levels via Sapphire IRT-60 pendant, Digital feedback guard (DFG) and switchable computer anti-hum circuit on computer input.

Product Description

A low cost sound-field system with RS-232 wall panel control

The Forum is the perfect entry level sound field amplifier for use in the classroom. It has the must-have features schools need for adding wireless microphones and connecting audio sources. This includes 2 microphone channel inputs, a Digital Feedback Guard (DFG), computer anti-hum circuit switch on the aux/computer input, and an RS-232 wall panel control input for simplified control. The Forum 232 also features an output for recording the day’s lesson capture. When paired with our Sapphire (IRT-60) pendant microphone, the added teacher benefits of remote Security Alert, priority control over audio sources, and of course increased student engagement throughout the entire classroom when using the microphone itself for daily instruction.


  • 50-watt Digital Hybrid Class D amplifier
  • Two infrared wireless microphone receivers
  • Remote Teacher Security Alert contact connection
  • RS-232 wall panel control of line input levels
  • Remote Teacher Priority feature (over line inputs
  • Fire Alarm Input for AC or DC from 5-24 volt
  • Two Line inputs for DVD & Computer/Aux
  • Switchable computer anti-hum circuit
  • Three band equalizer: ± 12dB
  • Powers up to four (4) speakers
  • Power sleep mode feature to conserve energy
  • Digital Feedback Guard (DFG)


  • Wall Mount Cabinet WC-400
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