• The handheld microphone/transmitter is used by presenters or interactive participants. The ergonomic design and light weight render user comfort. The internal shock mount features very low handling noise. The unidirectional condenser microphone exhibits excellent vocal quality and extra sensitivity. The built-in windscreen prevents breath pops and wind noise. Color caps make for easy identity.
  • Do you love your new classroom sound system, but have no place to put it? Use TeachLogic’s new low-profile wall cabinet to:
    • Locate on any wall for convenient operation
    • Natural finish integrates with classroom decor
    • Narrow profile for minimal protrusion
    • Rounded corners for safety
    • Easy Installation
    • Route cables through back or bottom port
    • Perfect site for storing drop-in charger
    • Heavy duty 20-gauge steel
    • Fits half rack x one space x 6½” deep