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/General TeachLogic Information

What sets TeachLogic apart from its competitors?


Not all classroom audio companies are the same. TeachLogic’s reputation is to listen to our customers and respond to their needs to the best of our abilities. To design and manufacture innovation, quality, products at fair and reasonable prices. To operate our business with integrity towards our customers and our employees. TeachLogic has established a nationwide network of top integrators to provide immediate customer product knowledge, sales, service and support. In addition, with TeachLogic’s dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction, TeachLogic is the ideal choice for your audio needs.

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What is the TeachLogic difference?


TeachLogic is a professional audio manufacture specializing in infrared products, classroom sound-field systems. Today, TeachLogic has established a leadership position in the wireless infrared sound-field industry. Our products are designed to deliver optimum speech intelligibility-providing crystal-clear sound to students regardless of the listening environment.

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