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I have a loud teaching voice. Why would I need Classroom Sound Field System?


A classroom sound field system will evenly disperse the teacher’s voice throughout the classroom so that every student can hear all the components of speech as accurately as possible. A loud voice does not mean that consonants are louder. It is impossible for a person to make consonants louder and consonants are key to speech intelligibility. An audio system amplifies the parts of speech that give intelligibility and make it easier for students to understand and concentrate on what the teacher is saying.

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Who will benefit from a Classroom Sound Field System?


Everyone. Effects of high ambient noise levels are overcome 30% of children will hear their teacher significantly better Teacher absenteeism is reduced English Language Learners experience improved word recognition Academic test scores improve Children with learning disabilities benefit Attention and on-task times improve Classroom stress is lowered Behavior problems are reduced Fewer special education referrals Class interaction and participation increases Improvement in literacy achievement

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What is a Classroom Sound Field System?


A Classroom Soundfield System is essentially a small public address sound system, designed for the confines of a typical classroom of 25 - 35 students. From a hardware standpoint, the system usually consists of two wireless microphones. One is primarily for the teacher, and the second microphone is generally used by students. Most sound-field systems are currently using infrared wireless microphone technology. Since infrared is based on pulsating light, the transmission of the wireless microphones will not penetrate the walls of a classroom into another room. This allows us to set up dozens or even hundreds of classrooms very close to [...]

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