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Turning Up the Volume


CLASSROOM Mic's HELP TEACHERS AVOID VOCAL STRAIN Byline: Sherry Joe Crosby Staff Writer At Fenton Avenue Charter School in Lake View Terrace, teachers rarely complain of sore throats, laryngitis or other maladies that come from talking for several hours a day. That’s because each of them uses a microphone, a tool they say eases the strain on their voices while allowing children to hear their every word. “I don’t have to yell,” said first-grade teacher Donald Ausherman, who wears a microphone headset, similar in style to those worn by pop stars Janet Jackson and Madonna. “The mike evenly distributes my voice,” he said. [...]

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Voice Test


Teachers and others who talk for a living can take steps to protect their vocal cords Schoolteachers — much like professional singers — can take steps to protect their vocal cords. Ann De Lacy took voice lessons in college, sang in her church choir and could easily, unlike most Americans, belt out the national anthem. But these days you won’t find her singing so much as “Jingle Bells” to her grandkids. The problem isn’t her hobby but her former job: De Lacy was a classroom teacher for 33 years, and the constant talking has made her perpetually hoarse. “Now I [...]

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More Teachers Using Amplifiers In Class


In Oakland County, kids get help focusing on what’s being said. You can’t escape Suzy Glover’s voice, whether you’re sitting directly in front of her or at the back of her second-grade classroom. That’s because of a small device, commonly called a sound amplifier, that projects her voice to all corners of the room at Martell Elementary School in Troy. Traditionally an aid for hearing-impaired students, amplifiers are increasingly being used in regular classes, mostly at the kindergarten to third-grade level. Kids at that age often have ear infections, which can limit hearing for up to two months, said Joan [...]

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Two Vista Schools Set to Open


Campuses were designed using same set of plans Vista—Seventy-five years after Herbert Hoover called for a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, the Vista Unified School District is headed for similar promises of prosperity. The district will open its two newest schools next week with a 27-inch television in every classroom. So much for the days of wheeling the school’s only TV into class on a cart. At 9 Monday morning, the new Temple Heights Elementary School in Oceanside will welcome 690 students, and 620 will swarm the New Hannalei Elementary School in the unincorporated area. [...]

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